Effective Panic Attacks Self-Help Tips

panic attacks self helpWhen you have panic disorder or anxiety, the trademark feature is called panic attacks. They are a sudden and very severe mixture of feelings consists of fear, anxiousness, terror, nervousness, and intense uneasiness. But the worst part of it is the fact that it is all a product of the mind and there is no existence of an actual and imminent danger or threat to one’s life. If you are suffering from it, you need panic attacks self help in order to free yourself from the pain of the symptoms and consequences. They take place so fast that in just a matter minutes you feel like you’re dying.

With recurring anxiety attacks, you definitely need something to help you stop them for good, or risk getting consumed by it. Here’s a look of some effective panic attacks self help that actually work:

Deep Breathing as General Depression Self Help

Perhaps about ninety percent of people don’t care and spend that much attention when it comes to how they breathe. However, one should be aware that during the onset of a general depressive state, deep breathing is a great help with panic attacks, especially in preventing it from happening. As soon as a person feels overly anxious and stressed out, the body responds by taking fast and shallow breaths with the chest as the source. This kind of breathing is referred to as chest or thoracic. It’s not ideal but you are actually depriving the body with enough oxygen and carbon dioxide it needs. As a result, you are likely to develop panic attacks symptoms like dizziness, muscle tensions, rapid increase in heart rate, sweating, and more. But with deep breathing, you are allowing yourself to calm down and eventually enable oxygen to circulate evenly right up to the brain.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation as Panic Attacks Meditation

PMR is a popular method on how to treat panic attacks. It targets the sources of stress and anxiety, specifically the muscle tensions. When the frequency of muscle tension is rising, it becomes chronic and there are instances when you start to tolerate it and the condition becomes normal for you. However, you must realize that by making the same muscle experience complete relaxation, you quickly understand that releasing the tension also releases the stress and anxiety, which in turn, prevents the possibility of panic attacks occurring.

Anxiety Attacks Self-Help with Self Alteration

Management meanwhile is the key to the next panic attacks self-help tip. Self medication programs are not as popular as PMR or mainstream cognitive therapies but it is as effective. It basically helps and aids people in managing various types of behavioral responses with reference to how they deal with their problems. For instance, people who unknowingly and instinctively avoid fearful and anxious situations in order to stop panic attacks may likely worsen the fear of having a panic attack. So instead of avoidance, self modification allows one to change his behavioral response in fearful and anxious situations by facing the same and dealing with it positively.

Building Coping Mechanisms and Techniques

With coping methods and techniques, you don’t avoid panic attacks but deal with them right on. Put in mind that panic or anxiety disorder, stress, and severe depression are always triggered by something every single day. As a result, you don’t have a choice but to deal with them. With a refined and ideal set of coping techniques, you develop a positive mind wherein you don’t succumb to the natural mind and body response of which is to flee the scene. Instead, you take the panic attacks head on and in the process defeat it.

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